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What you’ll learn

How To Grow Your Business Online From Scratch
Transform Any Physical Business Into Digital
How To Start Your Career As Digital Marketer
How to Get A Job in the Digital Marketing Industry
How To Earn Money After Completing This Course

Eligibility Requirements

  • No experience required
  • No Qualifications Bar
  • Basic Computer knowledge & Common Sense is mandatory

Course Language

  • Easily understandable Hindi

Learn By Doing

  • The course is hugely interactive with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section.
  • Learn step by step how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels.
  • Follow the steps on screen to get results at work, for own business or for your digital marketing clients.

12 Courses in 1

✔ Covering 16 major online marketing topics comprising of 100+ Clear Cut Video lectures & Practice activities – this course is incredible value for money

✔ By the end of this course, you will be confidently implementing marketing strategies across the major online marketing channels.

✔ All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost-effective

✔3 Month Offline /Online Weekly Doubt Clarification Sessions are available.

You’ll Also Get:

✔ 1 year Access to course updates

✔ Offline & Online Doubt Clarification Sessions

✔ Course Completion Certificate By KDMI

✔Help Assitance to Get The Google Hubspot  Online Certification

Don’t Miss Out!

✔These courses come with a 15-day money-back guarantee – so there’s no risk to get started.

✔Go ahead and hit the “Take This Course” button to start growing a business online today!


Course Curriculum

How To Start Digital Marketing
Instruction – How To Complete this Course 00:07:00
1.Digital Marketing Intro 00:39:00
2.How To Start Digital Marketing 00:40:00
Digital Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
Digital Marketing Tools
All Recommended Digital Marketing Tools 00:00:00
Website Design & Development
1 Website Intro & How to Purchase A Domain 00:12:00
2.What is Hosting Server & How to buy one 00:16:00
3. How to Point a Domain 00:06:00
4.How to Use Your Hosting Control Panel & Set-up a WordPress Website 00:13:00
5. WordPress Admin Panel Tour & Websie Setup Usig Siteground Starter Plugin 00:18:00
6.How To Design & Develope A Complete Website 00:43:00
7.How To Do Custom Design with Elementor 00:27:00
8.How To Publish A Blog On Your WordPress Website 00:08:00
9.How To Integrate All Important Contact Us Option on your WordPress Website 00:21:00
10. How to Implement SSL Certificate on Siteground 00:03:00
11 How To Create Official Email Id using your hosting server 00:04:00
12.How to Get Free Domain & Hosting For Learning 00:06:00
Website Assignments 00:00:00
What Is Content Marketing
1.What Is Content Marketing 00:19:00
2.How To Write A Blog 00:29:00
Blog Writing Assignment 00:00:00
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
1. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 00:13:00
2.Know the Google SERP & Some Technichal Terms 00:08:00
3. How to Do the Keyword Research 00:20:00
4.Major On-Page SEO Factors 00:51:00
ON-Page SEO Assignments 00:00:00
5. Major Google Algorithm Updates 00:13:00
6. How to do Google My Buisness Listing (Local SEO) 00:20:00
7.Google My Business Post, Photos & Analytics (Local SEO) 00:23:00
Google My Business Assignments 00:00:00
8.The Complete Concept Of Backlinks(Off-Page SEO) 00:28:00
9.My Effective Backlink Strategy 00:11:00
Off-Page Assignments 00:00:00
Google Search Console
1.What is Search Console & How to Set-up On Your Website 00:11:00
2.Search Console Reports And Tools 00:18:00
Search Console Assignments 00:00:00
Google Analytics
1.Google Analytics Introduction 00:12:00
2. How to implement Google Analytics Tracking Code in Your Website 00:11:00
3.Google Analytics Real-time & Audience Report 00:47:00
4.Google Analytics Acquisition Reports 00:15:00
5.Google Analytics Behavioral Reports 00:14:00
6.Google Analytics Conversion Reports 00:12:00
7.How To Implement Analytics Tracking Code Using Google Tag Manager 00:14:00
Google Analytics Assignments 00:00:00
Facebook Marketing
1.Why To Choose Social Media 00:10:00
2.How to Create Facebook Page 00:04:00
3.Important FB Page Settings 00:11:00
4.Complete Your About Us Section 00:08:00
5.How To Create Fb Icon & Cover 00:14:00
6.How to create Your First Post 00:12:00
7.Facebook Follower Hacks 00:07:00
8.Facebook Post Reach Hacks 00:10:00
9.How to check Facebook Insights 00:14:00
10.How to Create a Facebook Group 00:07:00
11.How to Watch Your Facebook competitors 00:03:00
12.How To create Online Shop On Facebook 00:07:00
13.How To add your YouTube video on Facebook Page 00:06:00
14.Social Media Management Tool- Hootsuit 00:08:00
15.How to use Facebook Creator Studio to manage multiple Fb& insta account for free 00:09:00
Facebook Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
Graphic Designing using canva
CANVA 00:12:00
Instagram Marketing
1.Instagram Overview 00:07:00
2.How To Create A Business Account On Instagram 00:10:00
3.Insta Important Settings 00:07:00
4.How To Create Instagram Post 00:09:00
5.Instagram Analytics 00:05:00
6.Instagram Follower Hacks 00:08:00
Instagram Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing 00:17:00
LinkedIn Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
Twitter Marketing
1.Twitter Marketing Overview _ Profile Creation 00:14:00
2.Twitter Functions & Features 00:15:00
3.How To Find Hastags For Twitter 00:04:00
4.Twitter Analytics 00:06:00
Twitter Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
Facebook Paid Marketing
1.What is Fb Ad & How to create Fb Ad Account 00:06:00
2.How to Boost Fb Post & Diffrence between Boost & Fb Ad create tool 00:10:00
3. What are the Facebook Marketing Campaign Objective 00:09:00
4.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook Branding Campaign Objective 00:24:00
5.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook Traffic Campaign Objective 00:13:00
6.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook Engagement Campaign Objective 00:09:00
7.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook App Install Campaign Objective 00:04:00
8.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook Video View Campaign Objective 00:05:00
9.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook Lead Campaign Objective 00:14:00
10.How to download your Lead 00:04:00
11.What is Facebook Pixel & How to set-Up that 00:09:00
12.How to Create a Complete Ad Under Facebook Conversion Campaign Objective 00:07:00
13. How to Create Custom Audience & Retargeting 00:11:00
14.How to Set-up look A like 00:07:00
15. Facebook Ad dashboard & Important Metrics 00:11:00
Facebook Paid Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
Google Ads
1. What Is Google Ads & How does it work 00:06:00
2.How To Set-Up A Google Ads Account 00:03:00
3.Google Ads Dashboard Overview 00:07:00
4.What is Google Ads Auction & How Does It Work? 00:07:00
5. What Is Quality Score 00:13:00
6. Different Google Ads Goals Overview 00:05:00
7. What Is Google Ads Bid Strategy & Its Overview 00:11:00
8. How To Create Google Text Ads (Complete Search Ad Set-Up) 00:34:00
9.How To Create Google Display Ad 00:26:00
10.How To Create Google Video Ads (Youtube Video Ad) 00:21:00
11.Google Ads Billing & Payment Set-up 00:06:00
12.Google Ads Settings & Modifications on Different Ads Level 00:09:00
13.Google Ads Important Metrics To Watch 00:11:00
14. Google Ads Reporting 00:05:00
15. How To Set-Up Conversion In Google Ads 00:09:00
16. What is Re-Targeting & How To Set-Up It? 00:09:00
17.How to Contact Google Ads Support Team 00:03:00
18.Google Ads Keyword Research (Additional) 00:07:00
19.Google Ads Keyword Match Type (Additional Information) 00:09:00
Email Marketing
1.Email Marketing Introduction 00:20:00
2.Email Marketing Using Mail Chimp 00:25:00
Email Marketing Assignments 00:00:00
Online Reputation Management (ORM) 00:22:00
How To Earn From Digital Marketing
How To Earn From Marketing 00:37:00
YouTube Marketing
4. Youtube video Recoding Tips & Equipments 00:10:00
9.How To Create a Channel On Youtube 00:07:00
10.How To Complete Youtube About Us 00:07:00
11.How To Create An Youtube Icon 00:07:00
12.How To Create A Youtube Channel Art 00:09:00
13.Youtube Studio Overview 00:15:00
14.How To upload a video on Youtube 00:22:00
15.How to generate Organic Views on your channel- Youtube SEO 00:07:00
16.Youtube SEO- Keyword Relevance Part-1 00:12:00
17.Youtube SEO- Keyword Relevance Part-2 (How to write Youtube Title) 00:07:00
18.Youtube SEO- Keyword Level Ranking Factors-3 00:11:00
19.Youtube SEO- Audience level ranking factor-1 (Youtube Thumbnail) 00:09:00
20.Youtube SEO- Audience Reaction Level Factors 00:05:00
20.Youtube SEO- Audience level factor-2 00:08:00
21.Youtube SEO_ Channel Authority Level Factor 00:07:00
22.Youtube SEO- Sharing On Other Platform 00:08:00
23.Youtube Earning Methods- YPP Part-1 00:12:00
24.YPP Minimum Eligibility FAQ _ YPP review Factors 00:08:00
25. Youtube Community Guidlines 00:04:00
26. Youtube Copyright Claims 00:10:00
27.Youtube Analytics Part-1 00:12:00
28.Youtube Analytics Part-2 00:19:00
29.Youtube Analytics part-3 Real time report 00:04:00
30. YouTube Monetization Applying Process 00:10:00
31.Monetization Approved 00:10:00
YouTube Marketing Assignments 00:00:00

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  1. Superb


    I am Yash Patodia, a current batch student of Zeeshan Sir. I really liked the way Sir has taught in the videos. Also, I recommend others to purchase this course, as it provides perfect value for money.

  2. Excellent


    This is one of the students who has bought this course and would highly recommend each and every person to do this wonderful course. Trust me, you will not regret buying this course because it will help you a lot. Any person can do this at any point of time.

  3. 5

    I am Siddhi Binaykia, currently pursuing the digital marketing course and I can definitely say that the videos provided are really good and easy to understand. For the knowledge provided and the assistance given by zeeshan sir, it would really be worthy to enroll for this course.

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